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Company History

Experiences are the seeds from which knowledge grows. (Konrad Adenauer)

DCS office

Company History

DCS Fürth was founded in 1992 by Peter Dickten. The company began by supplying emergency medical services such as the German company Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund with accounting and management software.

Soon the company's main focus shifted to custom development. Over the years, many projects were developed to the customers' satisfaction. Since then, the number of employees have kept slowly, but steadily, growing.

After the team had expanded to 9 employees in 2010 and the founding location had finally become too restrictive, DCS moved to their new and generous office space in Fürth, Badstrasse 13, close to the river valley.

Contact Information

DCS Fürth – The Developers

Badstrasse 13-15
90762 Fürth

Telephone: (+49) 911 765 82 71
E-Mail: mail@dcs-fuerth.de

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