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DCS . Software development since 1992

Welcome at DCS-Fürth

For 26 years now we have been offering comprehensive and vendor independent software development as well as consulting and coaching.

What we do


We develop software solutions individually tailored for our clients specific needs. To achieve this, we utilize a wide array of modern technologies. During development we closely cooperate with you.

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You would like to see your wishes transformed into software? We offer plenty of possibilities ranging from development of an individual software system to a customized standard software including any necessary customization.

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We can teach you and your team new techniques in software design and app development. In case you happen to have run into problems implementing a project we can come to your help and coach you on your own premises.

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Who we are

Our firm was founded in 1992 and currently employs twelve developers. For 26 years we have been developing, consulting and coaching, independent of platform, vendor or technology.

How we work

No project is like any other.

Therefore there simply is no "silver bullet" for all situations.
However: We have found using "agile" approaches is a very good idea. Using the typical short iteration cycles we can quickly adapt to new or changing requirements, which helps us to deliver the software that fits your needs exactly.

Firms we collaborate with

On-going events

October 1st, 2018
We have three new developers and two new interns!

From the beginning of August 2018 our C#/.NET team has two more members. And in March 2018 we have found another developer for our JavaScript/TypeScript/Angular team. Since August/October we have two interns working on C#/NET and web technology.
Daniel, Fabian, Linda, Marcel and Mustafa - welcome to the team!
And we're looking for more new team members!

September 10th, 2018
DCS-Fürth had another Developers' Week

Continuing education is life-preserving in IT (and not only there), and therefore we regularly have been doing monthly in-house Developer Days where we try out and study new technologies. For the second time now, instead of Developer Days we had a whole Developer Week! From Sept. 10th to Sept. 15th we took a break from our clients' projects to teach ourselves new tricks.

July 17th, 2018
Talks and workshops about Blockchain development

At the Blockchain Developer Conference in San Francisco (April 20th., 2018) and at the FullStack Developer Conference in London on July 12th, 2018, the founder of DCS-Fürth is holding talks and workshops about "Blockchain Development using Ethereum and JavaScript".


Your future here at DCS-Fürth

We are hiring! For future and on-going projects we are looking for

JavaScript/TypeScript developers if possible with some knowledge of Angular
Web developers specializing in WebDesign
Ruby on Rails developers
.NET/C# developers

All applicants please note:

Software development

We develop your software

We develop software solutions individually tailored for our clients' specific needs. To achieve this, we utilize a wide array of modern technologies. During development we cooperate closely with you. Our specialized, highly qualified developers are good at seeing even most challenging projects through.

  • Requirements analysis
  • Individualized software development
  • Code reviews
  • Conception and implementation of intranet and internet applications as well as smartphone/tablet apps
  • Assistance with porting application systems to different platforms (e.g., Apple, Linux)
  • Use of cloud systems (AWS, Azure) for your applications
We offer (among others):
Our main emphasis is on the following development systems::
  • JavaScript/TypeScript - particularly in conjunction with Angular and NodeJS 
  • .NET / C#
  • Java
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Objective C/Swift (for Macintosh and iPhone development)
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL-Server
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
Some database systems we like using:

Consulting & Coaching

We're here to support you.
No matter whether you call it consulting, coaching or training:

The developers at DCS-Fürth can teach

you and your colleagues new knowledge and abilities in the area of software design and application development.

And if you happen to run into problems while implementing a project in-house, we'd love coming and seeing about how to solve it at your own place.

In our reference section you'll find many examples for coaching courses we have done.

Our coaching staff are up to date, and they can prove it. We have been certified by well-known vendors such as Sun, Oracle or Siemens.

Our coaches are themselves developers and frequently give talks at national and international conferences.